Frequently Asked Questions

Tattoo Questions


What tattoo should i have done? Its your body, Your tattoo, Your tattoo artist will have plenty of flash art to choose a design from, Many artists do custom work, so if you have an idea, just ask your artist. Feel free to bring in a design of your own. The internet is an excellent source for designs. Check tattoofinder.com.
Take your time on deciding, it's there forever!

Does it hurt? It does depend on where you are having the tattoo, but the best way to describe it, would be "uncomfortable"Or a "burning sensation".It's more of a constant vibration. You will be amazed at how quickly your body releases endorphins, (pain killers), which numbs the pain significantly.
The needles used for outlining produce a sharper, more noticeable pain, while the needles used for shading seem to be much more like an electrical buzz.

Where does it hurt the most? The less exposed areas are more sensitive, such as, under the arm, your foot, ribs,inner thigh etc. Skin right above bones such as collarbone and anklebone for instance tend to be more uncomfortable than other areas.

Will the colours fade? The colours will fade through UV exposure. It's a good idea to use a high SPF lotion throughout the life of your tattoo. If you damage your scabs during the healing period, your tattoo could become patchy looking, it is essential to follow your aftercare instructions to avoid this.

How much will it cost ? This is a common question, we can only give you a quote on a design if we can see it. Please email designs or bring them into the shop. Prices start at around £15 and our hourly rate is £60 per hour on larger pieces.

How do I prepare for my tattoo? Make sure you have had a meal or snack before your appointment. Bring a sugary drink with youand try to relax as much as possible. We cannot tattoo you if you are under the influence of illegal drugs or alcohol.


Aftercare Questions


Why does the artist put clingfilm over the tattoo? The tattoo gets covered with clingfilm because your new tattoo is still an open wound, This bandage helps to stop air-born bacteria infecting your tattoo.It also helps to sweat out any excess ink and fluids that will cause a heavy scab.The longer you can leave you cover on, the less likeley you are to scab heavily.

What do I do when I take the bandage off? The first thing you should do is to wash your new tattoo. Scrub your hands clean. Use hot water to slough off the slimy build up that will have formed under the clingfilm. Massage the water over the tattoo using your hands,avoid cloths and tissues. When clean, pat dry with a fresh towel or let it air-dry. Apply a fine layer of aftercare to the tattoo and do not recover.

What aftercare product is the best? Their are many aftercare products on the market. Everybodys skin is different and people react differently to different products. We have had the most success with the following products

Tattoo Goo lotion

The Hemp Company THC aftercare balm

Bepanthen antiseptic cream (boots stock this)

If you require any information on aftercare products,
Then click on my links page, There you will find links to
some aftercare product sites.

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